Wednesday, June 1, 2011



The city is receiving such sticky beautiful weather, it's kinda pathetic. An excuse to wear a fishtail flower dress from UO paired with Jeffrey Campbell Groovie's. All I needed was a fruit basket or fruit necklaces..or fruit? I felt like a fruit flower queen for no reason (teehee!) 

Updates: A few of you have e-mailed me asking if I've been accepted to FIT yet, and in response, I do not know :'(. I know a friend has been accepted for FMM, so if you have any other questions I'd be happy to answer them via twitter or email. 

Topics/Controversies: WTFFF!! Lady GaGa's album is really sick. Yes, in terms of achieving 700 no.1 singles in a row, Born This Way may not be this album, but it has such great depth and vocals. She is killin it, and I love how she commercializes all types of genres. A few potentials would definitely be Marry the Night, Hair, and Edge of Glory. My faveee would have to be Americano, because of it's latina/italiano flaveee, but all her pop ballads are soo orgasmic. Yummsies!!  

Senior Year: I will be graduating in a few weeks, and I've been soo antsy in terms of graduation/prom. A friend makes really gorgeous dresses, just for the experience and to explore in the construction of dresses, and is creating a dress to add to that collection. Hopefully, I'm able to wear it, but if it doesn't fit...(don't want a nip slip), do you guys think a nice poofy vintage dress from the 50s would suffice? I would so go for a nice chiffon from BCBG or something, but I'd prefer something...timeless? Leave your comments or responses to that idea.


Krissi said...

funny shoes:)

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La Mode En Rose said...

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La Mode En Rose said...

you shoes are fab!!! perfect for the season!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

MIRIAM said...

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il était une fois... said...

babe you totally just made my day!! just seen your super kind comment :)) thank you sooo much!! big love to you <3 <3
ps. those shoes are totally fab!!