Sunday, May 30, 2010


1. Miu Miu Sparrow Pumps: Ok pretty straight foward, who doesn't want to have these??? I have already asked my mother to get them. Hopefully, she surprises me with them (maybe..) 

2. Carrie Bradshaw's signature Sex and the City dress. It was in the theme song of the show, and the first time I watched the Sex and the City episodes, I instantly fell in love with her dress. In fact, I had this infatuation for tutus for quite some time.  

3. Self explanatory, I can eat this forever, and ever, and ever, and ever. But I only added this on my list, because I want an unlimited chipotle card, and all I have to do is swipe and get a free burrito bowl in an instant. 

4. Yesterday, my mom took my sister and I to Bergdorf Goodman's 5th floor mini bar for some cokes, brownies, and cheese (yum), and on the projector was Milly's Spring 2010 runway show, and I couldn't help but be emotionally attached to her work. It's like she literally reached into my brain, took some ideas, and slapped it on a piece of paper, and on a few models. I want her whole spring collection. 

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs jumpsuit, is really, really, really nice. Plus, the tribal-inspired print is a check +++++ from me. 

6.  For the record, I don't know how to ride a bike. So because of this predicament, this cute bike is on my top 10. Not only do I want to learn how to ride a bike, but I want a bright bike, like this.  

7. Last year, I only went to the beach ONCE. This year, I will go to the beach as much as I can, AND I will go to Coney Island. How is it that I live in NYC, but I have only visited Coney Island like twice??? On top of that, nice curly beach hair, and a beautiful glow wouldn't be that bad either ;). 

8. Apparently, pastel streaks are the newest fashion hair fad. It will obviously come and go by the time the fall kicks in. However, I want pastel streaks like that, but I know that if I add any more color unto my hair, I'll start to look like a whole vom of skittles. And we all know that that is not cute....agree? 

9. Burberry Spring 2010 trench coat is really nice. I hate trench coats, but this one is an exception, along with a few others. 

10. I LOVE DISNEY. So therefore, I love Little Mermaid. Hands down, my favorite movie, but my VCR on crack decides to tear its film out. I am actually upset, even if it was a year ago that my movie was eaten alive. Oh well. 

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Ariel Yuen: wearing American Apparel shorts, Jeffrey Campbell Boots, and Crop Top with metal mesh, by me (Sydney).  

Louisa Meade: Wearing A-line skirt and metal chain vest, made by my mother, Fern Fern, and I.


I'm wearing boyfriend jeans, Jeffrey Campbell wedges, my mother's vintage necklace, & my mother's purple top. I usually raid her closet.
 The mother of all necklaces, the mother of all necklaces, the mother of all necklaces, the mother of all god damn necklaces. Made by my mother's friend, Hyangmi Kim (Katy), with all sorts of metals, such as silver, brass, new gold, nickel, sea shell, gold plated beads wire, silver plated beads wire. Amazing....mother of all necklaces.