Monday, February 14, 2011



Have you ever heard of the saying, "when you look at a painting, you never see the same thing twice?" My first thought when I walked into Tara's presentation was "quirky" (no joke!). But then, I started to analyze the people and the scene, and I came up with "earthy." Then, I started taking about 300 photos of Tara's collection and I noticed something new every time. It was almost like exploring a new country; walking the same road everyday and noticing something new (everyday). One minute, I'd notice the obvious; shoes, silhouettes, and hair. Then, I noticed the jewelry. And then, I recgonized subtle details like the buttons and zippers. With that, I finally concluded I did not want to leave until I notice every single little detail that Tara added. To be honest, it was quite frustrating, but not the kind of frustration where you want to kick the wall. It was the kind of frustration you build when you play a fun little game and you desperately want to keep trying until you have succeeded. But enough about my self-pathetic venture into STUDY NY ...i'm not that amusing.  

I asked Tara what her inspiration was for this collection, and she pointed to her mother. That was the sweetest and biggest honor anyone can carry. I'm unaware of how much of her mother she put into STUDY NY, but I did notice the looks explored a school teacher from earlier decades, specifically the 70s.  She played with florals, trousers, and most importantly, textures. Her line incorporates textures and fabrics, such as wools, knits, cotton, and wild silk from Madagascar, among other textures that I was tempted to touch and feel. The silhouettes of the jackets and blazers followed through with a continuing motif for F/W 2011-2012;  asymmetrical details on the collar. The jewelry was designed and developed by DLC BROOKLYN. I loved the vintage-inspired pins me DLC! ;)

Overall, STUDY NY's looks were generally laid back, "slouchy," and stuck to earth tones. The mood of the presentation was so mellow, I completely felt happy and free after I left. Now...if only I can snag St James's tight knit maxi skirt, along with one of her trousers. Then, I'd be completely happy and free!

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