Saturday, February 12, 2011



First words that came into mind were psychedelic, contrasted, and dark. I've seen Laing's collections online prior to going to his Fall/Winter 2011 Presentation, and I can say that I'm not disappointed with what he produces. Known as a minimalist, his pieces are geometric, structured, and sometimes pay tribute to influences as simple as mineral rocks. His Fall/Winter 2011 collection revealed something quite different. Though his collections are geometric (and bad ass) in nature, you can see a subtle and slight change for Fall/Winter '11. My friend Jose and I thought it was dreamy, relaxing, and feminine. Skirts were asymmetrical, soft, yet balanced with casual and draped sweaters and blouses.  Dresses were feminine and sexy, relatively tight with slits on the side, which was balancing the line between sexy and conservative. Colors and patterns were tie-dye shades of deep teal, quarry, bamboo, emberglow, dusty gray, cedar, and nougat, (WWD) along with deep red and plum lipsticks, which are all prominent colors that designers are channeling for women in F/W 2011.  

As we were leaving the presentation, Jose was wondering why Laing would pick a venue that had a high exposure. Our interpretation was that the high exposure emphasized the dream-like state that perhaps Laing was going for. Whatever the case may be, I am excited to see Laing's next collection for S/S 2012, and what ideas he will be exploring. It would be great to see this dark minimalist explore something out of his forte, and branch...somewhat like what Alexander Wang exemplified for his S/S 2011 collection.

But, he's still an avant garde visionary in my eyes, so I applaud him. Brava Laing, brava.

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