Wednesday, June 16, 2010


“Tom Ford said to me the first time I ever met him – we kind of bonded over the fact that we are Virgos, and it was never enough, and perfectionism and all of that.” -Rachel Zoe  

You know that Rachel Zoe has styled A-list stars, and has reinvented Nicole Richie from boriqua to fashionistaaaa. Rachel Zoe has reportedly said that her collection has not gone into production, but will be released for Fall 2011. According to an article I read, are readers expecting Seventies glamour? Rachel Zoe goes into further detail that it will be inspired by her trademark pieces, such as faux furs, leather jackets, AND LEATHER TROUSERS!!! Think about the leather trousers!! UGGHH. Ok...we'll be crossing our fingers for you Rachel Zoe! <3 Visit her site

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