Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm leaving this Wednesday to Amsterdam for a whole month, and one thing I'll extremely miss is the unlimited supply of jewelry that my mommma involuntarily lends to me....and my momma of course.   

(photos by myvisualpleasures//cherry quartz bracelet by sydandpia)


nic said...

you took amazing pictures!love your look , so so so chic !:)

Maebe Isadora said...

WOW! that ring and gold and rose gem bangle are both to die for! awwww to have a mum with a jewelery collection like that!

have fun in Amsterdam!


Fashion from Feline Eyes

Anonymous said...

Maebe Isadora, thank you very much. I do have a collection and my daughter has gotten to attached to it, but who can blame her.

Sydney Rahimtoola said...

thanks maebe for all the feedback! it really makes me excited :)