Tuesday, June 29, 2010


"New York" look, trendy, black palettes, feminine

retro, frilly, sexy, kooky, sassy, flirty, colorful

tailored, very urban, modern, structured

tailored, embellished, subtle and sexy, feminine

upscale, tailored, modern, balanced between luxurious and bold, and sophisticated but simple.

boho, gypsy, youthful, bold bright prints, ruffles, fun flouncy drapes

prints, bold, graphical, 40's glamour, 70's hippie chick, fun, empowering, radical.

light, unique, distinctive, luxury, patchwork designs, unstructured, animal skins

ornate, detailed, embroidery, beadworks, royal.

contemporary, urban style, modern classics, simple
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Anonymous said...

darling, I must say that your photos are looking good! Great eye.xoxo